Your Mac
needs to be pampered.
iBooster - powerful, free, easy-to-use system optimization tool, worth a try!
Mac OS X 10.7+
Eight fantastic functions
           System garbage
         Duplicate files
             Photo Sweeper
               Startup Optimizer
           Privacy Cleanup
            Large & Old file
                 System monitoring
Save your Mac hard drive
  • System garbage
    Cleanout cache files, log files, and other useless garbage of your system.
  • Duplicate files
    Clean redundant copies of files on your disk.
  • Old file
    Clears out old files that are not used on the disk for a long time.
Let the Mac start faster.
There are a lot of programs on the Mac that start when the Mac is turned on, which slows down the Mac's startup speed. You can use iBooster to manage startup projects and close some unnecessary startup projects.
iBooster Helper
iBooster assistant is a small program that is convenient and practical. and It can run without opening the main program.
  •   Memory monitoring and cleanup.
  •   System garbage monitoring and cleaning.
  •   CPU monitoring
  •   Network monitoring
Only keep
good pictures
There might be lots of images on your Mac that are taken and having a lot of similarities. This takes up a lot of disk space. iBooster helps you to locate and delete them, only keep the high-quality pictures.
No residual
uninstall program
Generally, applications have some associated files, such as caching, log files, and crash reports. iBooster helps you findand delete thoseuseless memory taking associated files
Associated file
  • Setting
  • Crash Report
  •  Other ss
  • Log
  • Plugins
  • Cache
Protect your privacy
Browser history, log on information, etc, some site may generate Cookies files that may cause leakage of personal information, those Cookies files needs to be cleaned up regualarly
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